It was a rumor for some time … and then last week an app update showed a new FPV/Controller option. Now everybody speculated about what the controller would look like.

Finally a video from the UK Drone Show gave a first impression. The small gaming controller is based on the GameSir product. But of course it’s white instead of black.

Thanks to a fast delivery from the people from I received mine yesterday. Unfortunately I can’t fly indoors in my homeplace due to too much magnetic interferences. So I went for a short test this morning bevore work directly after sunrise (with just 1 degree celsius).

As it was only a short test I wasn’t able to check all functions in detail. I focused mainly on the flight movement. And I was positively surprised. The controller is quite small but the mini-joysticks allow for a very smooth movement of the Breeze. The control of the camera movement isn’t that smooth but I am not sure if this was just due to the low temperature (a first test the night before at home was much better).

You can start/stop video, take pictures and switch between picture and video mode with easy access buttons on the back of the controller. The start/land button is very small and the text „landing“ that shows on the display can be easily overlooked (therefore I canceled landing twice accidently). And I didn’t found a button for „Return-Home“ so far. (Correction: Seems the „Y“-Button is for RTH!)

Due to the temperature I didn’t fly away too far (about 40m) and stopped at a 35m hight. Especially as this was the location of my first fly-away 😉 But everything was fine today. And in the video below you will see how easy it was to bring to Breeze very close to me to allow the Breeze film it’s own controller in detail.

The set came with a FPV-Headset too. Didn’t test that so far. Hope I get an opportunity soon. And of course more testing of the controller.

So when will it be spring again …?




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