This was my first flight after the Breeze went loose a few days ago. Unfortunately it started with many problems.

Right at the start the Breeze moved sideways an was quite unstable. At 10m hight there was nothing more. Although the WiFi was still connected there was no way to move beyond 10m. Horizonal movement was very buggy too.

So I recalibrated the Breeze and tried it again. Somewhat better but not great. Moved to a different place about 2km away and there things got even worse. Again, no more than 10m. And then the Breeze went loose again. At a certain distance the Breeze continued to move forward (in a big curve) and accelerated. Again no input was possible except the „Landing-Button“. Stopped Landing shortly befor the ground and got control back. But flying the Breeze back wasn’t easy as forward wasn’t straight forward but a lot of sideways.

On a second try the same problems. Decided to call it a day and drove home very frustrated.

But on the way home I saw a very nice spot and decided to give it another try with my last batterie. And here everything was fine. The Breeze started correctly and waited in his position. Movement was fine and gaining hight was no problem. In fact it went great: 80m hight and 67m distance!

So this last flight was a lot of fun but I have no idea what the problem was with my first tries today. Without an explanation this seems to be very random … which is somewhat frightening.

Oh, and indeed the iPhone 7 plus I used today never had the „WiFi lost“ problem that I had with the iPad. On the other hand that means the problems I had today are definately realted to the Breeze (or hopefully the Firmware) and not to the connection.



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