This time I took a quick afterwork flight session at Riemer Park (near Munich Fairground). Had some problems with the WiFi. Obviously the iPhone 7 plus is much more suitable for flying the Yuneec Breeze than the iPad Pro 9.7. I’m a bit surprised as usually the iPad had the stronger Wifi antenna in the past.

No big problem as the Breeze just goes on „back home mode“ if the WiFi signal is lost. Well, almost no problem. Because right at the end of my session the Breeze went wild. Didn’t react on any input and just flew away. Scary, as the Riemer Lake wasn’t far away.

But it just went on a curve behind that little hill in the park and landed  safely. First I couldn’t find it as I didn’t see were it landed but a friendly kid that saw it landing brought it back to me.

After the Breeze went loose and before it lost WiFi I pressed the „Landing“ Button. Thinking about it that was a mistake. I better would have waited until the signal loss and It would mos probably had returned safely. But well, seeing a quadrocopter going loose near a lake easily gets you in panic mode 😉 Still learning.

So here’s the video from the loose drone. Not as scary as it was at that moment. And look at the landing. Near perfect landing on the stairs 🙂


And here are some pictures taken with the Breeze cam (well, the last one is obviously the Breeze itself 😉 )


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